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In addition to their thermal spotters, ThermTec also offers a wide selection of high quality accessories. These accessories are designed to improve the functionality and flexibility of their thermal devices.

ThermTec's accessories include different types of mounting systems, such as racks and fittings that allow users to place their thermal spotlights at different angles and positions. This is useful in different scenarios, including fixed installation or mobility during e.g. hiking or hunting.

In addition, Thermtec also offers additional batteries and charging devices that allow users to extend the operating time of their thermal mockery. This is particularly useful during extended periods of active use or when you are out on longer trips without access to power.

Other accessories include carrying bags or protective tuis that help protect the unit from shock, dirt and weather conditions during transport or storage. There is also the possibility of extra lenses or lenses that can be customized to change the field of view or magnification of the image.

In general, ThermTec offers a wide range of accessories designed to supplement their thermal spotters and adapt them to specific needs and uses. This allows users to get the most out of their thermal devices and adapt them to their individual requirements.

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