Improving your night vision with our first-class selection of thermal monoculars, including the Innovative Cyclops Pro and Cyclops D models from ThermTec. These high-performance monoculars provide unique image clarity, long range detection and ergonomic design for comfortable use in the field. Perfect for observation of wildlife, search and rescue operations or safety monitoring. Check out our collection and experience the difference of ThermTec's advanced thermal technology.

Cyclops D-Series Thermal Monoculars

Cyclops-D Series ThermTec's flagship in thermal monoculars is known for its double field of view that can be changed.

Cyclops Pro Series Thermal Monoculars

Thermal Monoculars Pro Series make your hunting and outdoor adventures more fun with a better image quality, extra features and robustness.

Cyclops Series Thermal Monoculars

The Cyclops Series Monoculars are good companions for your outdoor adventures, whether you're hunting or enjoying looking at nature through another lens.