Software Updates


 Check your firmware

A video guide on how to update firmware in your ThermTec device :

1. Optimize the video stream that is displayed in the app and monocular.
2. Applied the latest AI training data.
3. Change the operation for standby and laser-on/off: standby->short-press on the power button; laser on/off->double-press on the power button

1. Optimize the wireless transmission
2. Remove the OLED when you turn on

1. Removed the other colors on the intended, keep only black / white
2. Add the feature of reticle polarity reversal;
3. Optimized the playback and image.
4. Polish, Czech and Slovakian have been added so that there are now in all four languages.
5. Change the digital zoom 1-6X to 1-5X ;
6.Optimized transmission of Wi-Fi;

1. Optimized the polarity reversal time.
2. Optimized parts of the UI design.
3. Optimized red, green, and blue DOT (each dot is a 2 × 2 pixel).
4. Polish, Czech and Slovakian have been added so that now there are in all four languages.
5. Add the shortcut design of PIP, via double tap the capture button;
6. Added 1-2-3-4-5 rapid zoom, smooth and rapid zoom in option
7. The display was changed to (year, month, day, hour, minute).
8. The OLED tones added an iron shade of iron.
9.Added brightness options for reticle (3 levels)

1. Zeroing coordinate displays space distance,unit mm.
2. Add FFP mode for reticle, SFP, and FFP to the option.
3. Recoil activated recording design, replace the capture of recoil activated.
4. Add the alternate firmware design which can help to solve the issue when upgrade wrong.
5. The profiles available selection during the zeroing process.

1. Fixed some bugs.

1. Add the Italian.