TermTec Nord Partner Program

Interested in becoming a dealer? Already a shop owner? Want to learn more about the latest thermal technology and solutions? Enter your information above and we’ll be in contact with you the same business day.
As a partner, you will have access to ThermTec Nord’s latest thermal imaging technologies and solutions, which will allow you to offer your customers cutting-edge products and improve their experience. By promoting ThermTec Nord’s products and solutions, you can grow your business in the thermal imaging industry.
To apply to become a ThermTec Nord dealer, you can fill out the contact form on the ThermTec Nord website or directly email them at info@thermtecnord.com. It is likely that they would like to know more about your business and how you plan on promoting their products.

Please also note that this partnership is tailored for distributors, resellers, and retailers of thermal imaging technologies in selected areas, so it’s important to check if you are eligible for partnership.