Collection: Cyclops-Pro Series

"Pro Series" is a series of thermal monocular designed for professional use in law enforcement, security, monitoring, search and rescue and outdoor activities.

The Pro Series monoculars are equipped with advanced thermal imaging technology that allows users to look in complete darkness, through smoke, fog and other challenging environments. They offer a high resolution image with a sharp and clear view, making it easy to detect and identify objects, animals or people at a distance.

One of the main features of Pro Series monocular is their robust and durable design, which makes them ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, falls and shocks, making them a reliable and long -lasting tool for professionals to rely on their equipment.

Thermtec's Pro Series Monocular also comes with a number of additional features and options, such as built-in video and image recording, WiFi and Bluetooth connection and a variety of lenses and accessories to suit different needs and applications.

Overall, Thermtec Pro Series thermal vision monocular is a top-of-the-line option for professionals who need reliable and high-performance thermal imaging devices.