Guarantee Terms

Politics regarding warranty service

All optoelectronic devices come with a warranty certificate where the device is purchased by an authorized dealer. The warranty certificate confirms that your The device was delivered without errors and deficiencies and is fully functional. It guarantees repair of the manufacturer's error during the warranty period, provided that the item has been used in accordance with the instructions for use. The manufacturer guarantees its products against material and manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the first time of purchase or from the date of manufacture if there is no receipt as proof of the purchase. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the device's instructions for use to avoid problems.

Customers can return devices that are defective due to a mounting or production defect.

The warranty does not cover errors or malfunctions caused by accidents, incorrect use, abuse, loss, disasters, incorrect maintenance or insufficient installation Failure to comply with instructions for use and update instructions or use with equipment not intended for it.

To return a device that is under warranty

If you wish to claim warranty repair please contact our support center at We check your device's serial number and issue a return label to the postal service. If the country's distributor is present, it is possible to return the unit physically to the distributor's office.

Any product returned under the warranty must be packed in a solid, outer shipping carton to avoid transport damage.
In addition, the following documents must be attached to the request:

  1. Letter with a detailed description of the problem that has occurred and indicating the errors.
  2. Copy of the original receipt, which shows when and where the product was purchased.
  3. Information for shipping returned goods, including return address and contact person.
  4. The warranty certificate was filled in by the seller.

Please note:
The period during which the company provides repair service for goods on the market is three years from the date of sale or, if this cannot be determined, from the date of manufacture.
During this period, the manufacturer provides both warranty and non-guarantee service for your product.
The warranty period for rechargeable batteries/devices (including those included in the package) is one year.

Warranty and repair of new and discontinued products

  • We guarantee a warranty period of 36 months after the purchase. Repair Service after the end of the warranty period is only offered for an additional fee. Further agreements for an extended warranty period can be agreed separately at the time of purchase.
  • What can I expect if the product stops working within the warranty period?
    • The product will be repaired;
    • The product can be replaced by a new product;
    • The product can be replaced with a similar product with the same functionality.
Please contact our service center with any questions by