Personal data policy

1. General
The purpose of (Kamado ApS) Personal Data Policy is to explain how we collect, protect and use personal information.
Personal Data Policy applies to Personal Information that you submit to us or which we collect via Website, or see (“Website”).
1.3 is the data controller of your personal information. All inquiries to can be done via the contact information listed under section. 7.

2. What personal data do we collect for what purposes and the legal basis for processing
When you visit the website, we automatically collect information about you and your use of the website, eg about what type of browser you use, what search terms you use on the website, your IP address, including your network location, and information about your computer.
The purpose is to optimize the user experience and the feature of the website, as well as to do targeted marketing, including retargeting via Facebook and Google. This processing of information is necessary for us to protect our interests in improving the website as well as showing you relevant offers.
The legal basis for the processing is the EU Personal Data Regulation Art 6 (2). 1, point f.
When you create a profile or communicate with us on the website, we collect the information you provide yourself, eg name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment method, information about what you get to do, and information about it IP- Address from which order has been made.

The purpose is that we can provide the service you have ordered and otherwise fulfill our agreement with you, including in order to manage your rights to advertise. We can also process information about your payments to comply with legal requirements, including for accounting and accounting.
The legal basis for the processing is the EU Personal Data Regulation Art 6 (2). 1, point b, c and f.
When you sign up for our newsletter, we collect information about your name, email address and possibly. Mobile number.
The purpose is to take care of our interest in being able to deliver newsletters to you.
The legal basis for the processing is the EU Personal Data Regulation Art 6 (2). 1, point f.

When you sign up or, you will be asked to disclose name, email address and phone no. In addition to name and email address, you choose what information you want to give us.
The purpose is to be able to manage your membership and provide you with the services and offer you the benefits associated with membership, as well as to take care of our interest in sending newsletters and doing targeted marketing.
The legal basis for the processing is the EU Personal Data Regulation Art 6 (2). 1 (b) and f. At registration you will be asked to give separate consent for electronic marketing.
3. Recipients of Personal Information
Information about your name, address, e-mail, telephone number and booking number or order number is passed on to the selected employee who handles booking.

Information can be left to external partners who process the information on our behalf. We use external partners for, among other things, technical operations and improvements to the website, broadcasting newsletters and targeted marketing, including retargeting, and for your assessment of our company and products. Among other things, information about your name and your e-mail to Trustpilot will be disclosed so that on our behalf an invitation can be sent to assess us on Trustpilot's website. If you choose to make a review, Trustpilot becomes the data controller for the information provided. These companies are data processors and under our instructions and process data for which we are responsible for data. The data processors may not use the information for purposes other than the fulfillment of the agreement with us and is subject to confidentiality. We have entered into written data processing agreements with all data processors that process personal data on our behalf.
Two of these data processors, Google Analytics v/Google LLC. And Facebook Inc. is established in the United States. The necessary guarantees for transferring information to the United States are secured through the data processor's certification under EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, cf. EU Personal Data Regulation Art. 45.
Copy of Google LLC's certification can be found here: