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Cyclops 350 Thermal Imaging Monocular

Cyclops 350 Thermal Imaging Monocular

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  • Detection range is up to 2500m
  • Built-in AI rangefinder
  • ≤25mk NETD
  • Resolution, pixel: 384x288, 12μm
  • 1024 × 768 OLED display

Wide Options of Color Palettes

6 thermal image pallets with comfortable visual experience, to meet with a variety of environments and weather conditions. A selection of 6 color palettes lets the user observe their field of view more effectively, allowing them to optimize the device for specific tasks and respond to changing observation conditions. White Hot, Black Hot and Red Hot are optimal for object detection, Rainbow and Ultramarine help increase the chances of recognition and identification.

Ergonomic design

The Cyclops series monoculars are designed with ergonomics in mind, making them more comfortable and easy to use for extended periods. Balance the central of gravity, and provide an easier and outstanding handheld experience. The compact dimension makes it a lightweight and handy companion wherever you go.

Long battery life

Long battery life can be particularly important in situations where thermal imaging monocular will be used remote places or for extended periods. The Cyclop series built-in battery with up to 12H super long standby, recording every and instant moment of your hunting and outdoor experience.

Admission and connections

Supports both two way Wi-Fi and Hotspot connections. Integrated pictures and video recording makes sharing the thermal action quick and easy, with the functions of playback and APP sharing. This combination opens up a wide range of options: software updates, live views, can synchronous real-time share views to another smartphone/PC via internet, real time APP notification. You will be notified by your mobile devices immediately when an object enters your field of view.
High degree of protection

IP67 classification provides the highest level of protection of water-proof, dust-proof and fog-proof . 1meter drop resistance.

Two image modes

Designed with both WDR mode and target mode, it captures details clearly under different scenarios as needed. WDR Mode is suitable for high-contrast lighting conditions, while Target Mode helps you to focus more on your targets.

Built-in AI rangefinder

Based on deep learning algorithm, multiple objects distances could be automatically measured and shown while observing.
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